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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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na>>g bo two more hours. among those paying respects, governor pat mc corey, in washington dc for meetings as part of the national governor's association, he will be there through sunday. two years after an accident killed five at the north carolina state fair, a major development in court. the owner of the vortex, nireheon oo gherte enev iceco
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work is underway to renovate the bus station in downtown raleigh, already changed from moor square station to go raleigh station. today mayor mc farland spoke t the ground breaking, renovations include more waiting areas and restrooms and wi-fi, realtime information, and a number of esthetic changes to the building. the station has become dated over the past 30 years, time for an upgrade to meet the
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it should take between 9-12 months to complete. a residents hall at east carolina university once named for a foreman governor has a new name. the board of trustees voted to call it legacy hall. he improved the education system in the 1900s, promoted white supremacy. several yieforts are removing his name -- universities are removing his name from the campuses. duke and unc chapel hill are removing references on governor. cumberland county drivers can expect detour, straightening two dangerous curves. they will be cl tonight, detours will be posted, work should be finished by monday morning. walking happens one step at sounds simple. it's something this 19 year old
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to do again. new at 6:00, the technology that is helping her take her first steps all over again. some clouds are over the sun for part of the days it is expected to peak through at times this weekend. coming up, greg fishel will tell us which day is better for your outdoor plans. a mother faced with a life or death decisions tonight on the late evening news tings moment she had to decide to throw her baby over a balcony to firefighters waiting below, what happened in the moments after she followed through with
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tonight at 10:00 on fox 50 and l g t
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